Newinolder German Shepherds

Breeders of Straight Backed , Large framed, old Type, German Shepherds from English working lines, predominantly Olderhill.
The Olderhill german shepherd is renown for it’s longevity , intelligence and superb temperament.

These dogs are extremely agile, they love to jump and can achieve great heights, they love to run at high speeds, my dog’s have no trouble running down a wild rabbit especially when they work together.

They love to please and always give their all No dog could be more loyal and loving , above all they are a complete joy to have as a member of your family, and there could be no greater companion.

These are not the misshapen show type dog’s , they are working dog’s. The only limit to what these dog’s can achieve is the person who trains them.

Every pup that leaves us has been given the best start possible in life, and are confident, and outgoing, with no conception of anything bad in the world. Every puppy is treasured.

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Daisy's skitour Christmas Evening 2012
Daisy's midsummer skitour downhill Låktatjåkko

Låktatjåkka ned from Jonas Lindmark on Vimeo.

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Hi - I just saw your website and you mentioned "Olderhill people" could write in. We are the very proud "owners" of Bear - he is 1 yr and 3 months now and a beautiful long black hair Olderhill - very very soft, cuddly and loyal. ( read more in the Dog Post page )
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